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Growing up

My parents drink like nearly every day. If they never had money for alcohol they’d find things to pawn off in the house; don’t matter if it was a TV, a PlayStation, or even a cell phone, just to get a box... until, I think, maybe I was 10. My nana took me in, and then staying with my nana; I realised they were just as bad as my mum, 'cause they drank nearly every day as well; every day after work, they will stand there with a box, or maybe two boxes depending on how stressful their day at mahi was, or whatever happened during their day.

My parents, when they drank; they just fight all the time, like fighting, and then it went to beer bottle fights, to stabbing fights, to cops turning up because the noise was too loud 'cause of the music, and people arguing and drinking and all of this; and all my younger siblings were all around, our house was open to anybody down the street drinking, and it was disgusting.

Living with my nana was easier than living with my mum because my nana; my nana always made sure we had a kai, we had a shower, somewhere comfortable to sleep.

Me and my older sister; we’d take turns at looking after my younger brothers and sisters. We were practically the parents for our siblings.