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Getting into trouble

It started when I was young at the age of seven, stealing alcohol from my father and my uncle when they were having parties in the house, and gradually it started from there. And it was getting a lot of trouble. Got in a lot of trouble, alcohol.

Um, then I ended up in a gang, jail and then gangs. Fighting, doing a lot of drinking and that, and I actually hit rock bottom. I wanted to harm myself, you know, just hurting myself through alcohol. And I thought this is... being in a gang is no good for me. And this is where I met my wife. Had two lovely boys.

I thought wow, “I'm going to get right out of this”, stop it and I did stop it, drinking.

And then, coming back home to the north after getting out of the gang... I just come home and then after having the boys, I went back to drinking again. I lied to my wife. She was just... oh, it was just bad, it was so bad I didn't know what to do.