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My family

I’ve been off it for just over two years. But I still get that craving. Instead of having that craving for alcohol, I’ll go get me a glass of water

The mention of alcohol used to make me want to go and get a box. But not now. That sort of thing I’m not too worried about now anymore... about wanting to go down the road and get a box. Otherwise, I'll talk to my wife.


Because I have stopped, I think, they are really pleased for me and doing that, it's help us all out: not drinking, more money, food in the cupboards, food in the fridge. And thats the best thing about it, not drinking.

I was scared to go to jail. I was really scared because if I went to jail, what’s my wife gonna do? I never... I don't wanna see that happen, my wife being stuck at home and I'm in jail because of silly things I’ve done, drink driving. I think that people should do more courses on drug and alcohol and that. I’m just really happy I’ve done it, you get the help, they help you.

I wanna last a lot longer cause I have mokos now. My mokos mean a lot to me. And I just love them a lot. And I never want them to see me drunk. It is a better thing for our... my family that I’ve actually stopped drinking.