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Drinks after work

When my story starts with alcohol... As we were growing up, we were allowed to drink at the age of twelve. My dad, he would rather us drink alcohol and not smoke cigarettes. I'd say “can I have the power bill and I’ll pay it”, oh, no. But it was for their drugs and their alcohol.

Because I was working for as a cleaner, I never really drank. I just worked. But when I started having workmates and they would go to drink after work and that, that’s when I started drinking, not turning up at work. Always got a warning if you don’t show up on time your out. And I told her, “well it don’t bother me I’ll get another job”. Which I did. I got the sack. Yea, I got myself another job and I was a distributor for fashion accessories making belts and jewellery and I quite enjoyed it.

And then I met this fulla. And we had three children together. He was on an apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic. Long hours. He got to the stage where I just got sick of him and his family and I told him, “just take the kids, I had enough” and I just packed up and went on my own way. I went to move in with my brother, my older brother.