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The wairua coming back

INTERVIEWER: Do you think it took him away from the family?
MAIA: I think it took him away... how can I explain it? Not the physical thing, just that spiritual. The wairua wasn’t quite... you know what he was like. He was quite restless.

INTERVIEWER: What do you see in him now though?
MAIA: I see a man who sees what he wants and he goes and gets it. He goes for it. Whereas, before, it was kind of just coasting along and see what today brings.
INTERVIEWER: That’s quite a big change eh?
MAIA: Yeah. He talks really deeply. I sort of think that that’s the Maori and that’s the wairua coming out. His own sort of spirituality that comes out. He believes in God.
INTERVIEWER: Because they will all take you somewhere.
MAIA: Yeah. They’re all going to take you off in a different direction.