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My story — a footnote

MAIA: The ugly side of alcohol abuse begins when we cross that invisible line, from the light of sobriety into the light of darkness causing heartache, ruined lives, and broken people, whanau.

When the overindulgence in alcohol continues, we are sometimes unable to make the right choices and the desire to keep up with others in the same situation and follow the leader becomes stronger.

The most devastating is the physical, verbal and emotional harm that is done, not forgetting the spiritual separation. The mana, integrity, and mauri/special character of the person is diminished.

Throughout my lifetime I have seen and experienced that I have mentioned. That invisible line became visible only after I admitted to myself of living my life. For the sake of my whānau, I would need to have an open heart to make changes. However the change of heart challenged me. I've been unpopular because I would only drink in moderation or choose not to drink at all.

People, whānau, community, agencies who care and respect, with passion and love for what they do and respect to those who are struggling with alcohol. Towards that life of sobriety, peace and freedom to make the right choices and gain back their self respect. 

I often quote my favourite saying to people who are struggling with their life purpose or supporting others: kia kaha, be strong, be brave, kia manawanui, posess a loving heart.